I was doing the early coaching session again and as I was still not too well I decided I would help with the second session as well. Today’s script essentially said “do whatever you think is best”. It was meant to be a recap of the past few weeks of technique work but I turned it into a “Zen swimming” session about swimming mindfully and being aware of what you are doing. I used words like “conscious competence” and “mindfulness”. A few of the swimmers came up to me in the café after tio thank me for the session, that has never happened before. It made me happy.


After swimming we gathered in the back room for the annual gear sale. A lot of the things were “free to a good home”. Gracie will have a new saddle and a set of tri bars fitted very soon.


I had to gather together some equipment for the event that I’m organising tomorrow. This involved going to the storage unit at the sports club. The hardest part was trying to get someone to let me in. Even though people were playing lacrosse the staff insisted on calling the area football pitches. It took longer than usual to sort out the equipment as I started watching lacrosse. I’ve never seen it played before and it looks really interesting.


Thin evening, I went to a party to celebrate some friends significant wedding anniversary. I wasn’t looking forward to it as the thought of spending an evening with a room full of strangers fells me full of fear. Luckily there was one other person there that I knew. I’d not seen him for at least four years so we had a lot of catching up to do. We ended the evening promising to “do beer”, we always do, it rarely happens.


I got home at midnight feeling tired but not wanting to go to bed after an hour’s drive. I sat on the sofa, watched rubbish television and drank a beer. After that I was ready for bed.


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