I woke up to hymns this morning. I had to get up and going to run the event. I had people arriving to erect tents and put out signs. They might be more than a little annoyed if I decided to stay in bed. I was still full of food from last night so breakfast was a quick cup of tea.


It all went rather smoothly. The signs went up; the transition area was built. Competitors arrived and registered. People swam and ran and we timed them all. At the end we handed out prizes and dismantled the course. A few competitors thanked me for a good race. I like putting on this race, I created it a few years ago and it has slowly grown from a small informal event to a small informal event with a loyal following and a reputation of being friendly and quirky. It makes me proud.


The main reason for running the event is the marshals breakfast after. When everything is packed away and the event is fading from memory we all go across the road to the greasy café for some proper food. This is always the first item that goes on the budget and a non-negotiable feature of the event. The marshals and helpers are giving up their time to help and I always feel that giving them a proper breakfast by way of a thank you is the right thing to do.


When I returned the equipment to the store there were children playing football on the lacrosse pitch. It was all very confusing


I got home, made a cup of tea, sat on the sofa, fell asleep and drank cold tea two hours later thinking that it would still be warm. The late night and early morning combined with the running about to make the event work had taken its toll.


Mum had invited me for dinner. This was heaven on a plate. Food I don’t have to cook is always a good thing. Having dinner with my parents is always fun. We had roast lamb with roast potatoes, roast beetroot, roast parsnips and Brussel sprouts. I was forced to have seconds. We followed that with a selection of cheeses. My Mum and Dad know their cheese.


I returned home with a full belly and big smile, even the thought of having to go to work in the morning couldn’t dampen my spirits.


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