It was cold last night, freezing cold. There was frost on the garden. It didn’t make me feel too good about slipping out of bed. Eventually I made the transition to the upright world but it wasn’t nice. At least I’d lost a bit of weight during the night. I celebrated with scrambled eggs on toast.


It was a lovely walk to the station this morning, the brown leaves contrasting with the blue skies and the frost on the ground. I stopped a couple of times to take pictures.


There was carrot cake on offer at work today. I had a small bit and it was absolutely lovely. I had another bit a little later as no one else appeared to be interested. It still tasted good. That’s the problem with cake, I know that I shouldn’t eat too much but some taste so good it is hard not to. Just to prove this point I had a third bit. A little later I was wondering why I was feeling a little bloated.


I went out for a few beers with some colleagues from work this evening. We went to a pub all of 10 minutes’ walk from work, It was almost empty. We ordered beers and st the world to right one piece at a time. After a few beers it was time for food. I went for the fish and chips as it leapt out from the menu at me and I like fish and chips. It was lovely, two large pieces of fish accompanied by chunky chips and a small salad cowering at the edge of the plate. Many more beers followed.


The train I intended to catch was cancelled. I had to wait another half an hour for the next one and the shops were closed. I had the urge to eat crisps but no opportunity to buy them


I sat on the train playing with my phone, this was a dangerous situation as I had had a lot to drink. I may have sent incoherent messages to many people on my contacts list. I’m sure that I have the most wondrous insights into the human condition when I’m drunk. Well, at least I think I do, so much so that I have to share them. Unluckily the things I write are more like a collection of letters randomly entered into a phone and less like a treatise of intellectual weight.


I got home a little past midnight knowing that I had to get up in under seven hours. That didn’t stop me scouring the kitchen for edible items. I feel that my diet regime went out of the window tonight.


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