The alarm went off too early, I decided against breakfast and stayed in bed. Eventually I had to get up to visit the bathroom. I hopped on the scales for the bad news. It was bad. I went back to bed for a while. I’d never realised that making breakfast took up so much time. Eventually I had to make the move. I got up and went to the bathroom again. I was now four hundred grams lighter. I have no idea how that happened but I think that he laying ion bed diet could be a winner if it produces results like this.


I wasn’t exactly hungover. It was more tiredness and a general malaise. I sat on the train staring out of the window wondering how I was going to blag my way through work today.


I did a lot of peering out of the window and visiting the toilets today. I admit it, when it comes to drinking I’m a light weight. What’s more I’m not too keen on the time it takes to recover from a night out. If I’d been actively training I would have really regretted going out last night.


I gave up any notion of working at about 4 and confidently walked out of the office at 4:30. I’ve found that it’s better just to stride out making it look like a deliberate act rather that attempt to sneak out. Hold your head high and everyone will believe that it is the way it was mean to be. Sneaking out will arouse suspicion.


It was yet another wild Friday night of dusting and hoovering. I felt that it was better to get it done this evening rather than taking up time tomorrow when I could be doing much more interesting or relaxing things. It didn’t take that long to clean and tidy the bedrooms so I celebrated with a whisky and watching the television for a while.


I gave up on trying to stay awake at about nine o’clock. The walk upstairs seemed such a long way but the warmth of the covers was all enveloping. I was asleep in an instant.


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