I was scheduled for the early coaching session this morning, this meant getting out of bed within five minutes of the alarm going off, this is exactly what didn’t happen and why I was late to pool side. At the end of the first session I had lost the urge to get in the pool so I coached the second session as well. I never feel like swimming when I’ve coached the early session.


I followed swimming with a quick trip round the supermarket to acquire the essentials of life such as salad and chocolate. I wasn’t very inspired and just bought what was on the list. The seasonal ranges and in the shops so I should start thinking about buying presents for the family.


I played in the garden for a while. It was that time of year when I empty the compost bins over the vegetable patch in the hope of bigger and better vegetables. Once that was one I attacked the leaves and trimmed back the bushes ready for winter. Finally, I planted some bulbs and in the process developed a very painful blister on the palm of my hand.


The last job of the day was to get my bike ready for tomorrow. This involved pumping the tyres up and taking it round to the lobby. The problem was that with all things bike, I found other things to fiddle with. What should have been a 5-minute job took at least an hour but by the end of it all of my bikes were set up with the same saddle height.


Mum had invited me for dinner and that is not an invitation that I was going to give up easily. She had prepared roast chicken with roast potatoes, red cabbage and green beans. Red cabbage is one of my favourite vegetables I had many helpings.


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