My muscles wanted to stay in bed this morning, the rest of me wasn’t too keen to get up either. I wandered down to the kitchen, checking my weight in the process. I’d lost a lot but I would have been surprised if I hadn’t. I know that as my body recovers it will creep back on again so today’s weight loss was not a reason to celebrate. I still enjoyed my scrambled eggs and the second cup of tea was needed to keep me awake.


I had a chat with my “sort of” boss over a cup of hot chocolate this morning. It seems that he shares a lot of my frustrations over the thing I’m working on at the moment. It was kind of comforting.


By lunchtime my eyes were feeling heavy and the thought of staying awake for the afternoon was more of an aspiration. It was then that the invitation for a meeting that ends at 5:30 landed in my inbox. If I’d had a voodoo doll of the person who made the request at that point, I would have used it


Mid way through the afternoon I realised that the late meeting was actually tomorrow, on one hand this was good, I could leave work on time and attempt not to fall asleep on the train. The downside is that I have a late meeting tomorrow instead.


The man was there again, the one who takes up his position near the door. Today he was joined by two others who were blatantly waiting of the next train before the current one had gone. They looked to be involved in some sort of ritual dance. I decided to go to the next carriage, no one was waiting to get in there.


I had a salad for tea, topped with small potatoes and mayonnaise. It was easy and quick and very unsatisfying. It needed the chocolate bar that followed to add the sugar and fat that it lacked.


Everything I intended to do this evening was dropped in favour of sleep. I was in bed by nine thirty and asleep soon after.


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