I felt much more refreshed this morning. The tiredness had receded and if it wasn’t for the fact that the heating hadn’t come on I would have got out of bed. As it was I waited for the house to warm up a little before I ventured downstairs for a breakfast of poached eggs.


I needed to book a flight, I’d done the research and found the best options but I was still taken unawares by the various “extras” that popped up. Things like paying for a seat. There were seats that cost nothing extra, there were nine of them and they were all taken. I wasn’t that impressed at having to pay for a seat in an aircraft when there was no other option.


My inbox was stuffed full of emails and they all needed attention. It didn’t do my mood much good


There was a small chink of hope when the late meeting got rescheduled for tomorrow at a much more sensible time.


It was time to actually start to do some training again. I climbed on the bike for a half hour threshold spin. Normally I would do a bit longer but as I was coming back to it I thought it would be sensible to be a little conservative rather than going for an all-out thrash.


After the bash on the bike I filled up on salad, it wasn’t enough, I needed chocolate, well I didn’t need it but I wanted it. There was a small bar in the fridge, but it didn’t stay there for long. I really shouldn’t have chocolate in the house for times like this.


Exercise and food equals sleep. This is a good equation


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