I woke up with a lingering memory of supernatural furniture causing havoc, It was a very strange dream and the finer details were lost to me. I was still disturbed by the memory as I checked my weight and made my breakfast.


I had some small packets of Haribo left over from Halloween. I’d bought a party pack in case any kids were brave enough to venture to my front door. I’d finished my poached eggs on a ciabatta roll but still felt hungry. This wouldn’t normally be a problem as normally there are not sticky sugary treats hanging around the house. I’d resisted for so long but today I broke. I broke into the packets and ate the lot. At least now temptation is far out of the way.


I caught the delayed train that arrived at the time when my train, that was delayed, usually arrives. I arrived at work slightly earlier than normal.


It was a constant stream of fluff today. There seemed to be very little time to think.


I had intended to go for a little swim this evening, just to ease myself back into it but by the time I got home the urge had gone. I made a salad instead. The wo activities are not really equivalent


The main argument against not going swimming was that I needed to do my German homework. After dinner, I sat on the sofa and took an hour and a half to complete something that should have taken half an hour. It needed to take longer to justify not going swimming


I’m sure the cold weather makes me tired. I was in bed before ten and asleep soon after.


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