I was happy in my warm cocoon so I stayed there for a bit longer than normal. I didn’t need to sort anything out this morning so I just stayed there until the cat started walking across my bladder.


I’d forgotten to take the bread roll out of the freezer so I had a bacon omelette instead. I’ve not had one for a while so I’d forgotten quite how much I liked them. Now I have a quandary, what should I have for breakfast tomorrow.


Today was a catching up day, catching up on everything that happened yesterday. I’m getting rather fed up of people who can’t do anything without referring to someone else. This gets especially annoying when their job role is to actually make decisions. I mentioned my irritation to my sort of boss and his face lit up. Apparently, he is at the same point.


There was an announcement over the train PA on the way home about slippery rails and slow starts. I didn’t really take notice as it was up to the driver to sort out. When I go off I noticed that the front door was a lot further forward than normal. We must have slid a bit


I had another go on the bike trainer tonight. I did exactly the same set as last time because I have no imagination. My legs were very wobbly after that but felt better for it.


I had my last night of salad for the week. I know this as I have emptied salad draw in the fridge and I’m not going shopping until Saturday


It must have been the cycling but my evening was very short.


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