I was back to the poached eggs today as I remembered to take the last bread roll out of the freezer last night. I kept thinking about putting bread on my shopping list but then I started wondering whether I should put bread flour on the list instead. In the end, I put neither and didn’t start making a list


It was raining on the walk to the station, but not enough to warrant carrying an umbrella. By the time I got to the station I was annoyingly damp.


My last meeting of the day that was scheduled for four to five was cancelled. That was the best thing that happened during the day. I had no doubt that that meeting wouldn’t have finished promptly. I don’t like leaving work late especially on a Friday.


My evening meal consisted of an avocado and some blue cheese as this was all that I had that could be eaten instantly. I didn’t have enough time to actually cook something


Tonight was a German night, I went to my lesson happy in the knowledge that I’d done my homework but after an hour of exhausting analysis and dissection of my few pages of prose I was exhausted.


The only way to end the evening was to have a whisky. I felt though that it needed something else so I ended up eating a few slices of frozen walnut and date cake. I should stop eating frozen cake but when the choice is frozen cake or no cake I will go for frozen cake every time. The idea of putting it in the microwave to thaw would never occur to me.


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