I went swimming this morning, it was the club session at the pool and I was not coaching. I’ve not been swimming for a while so I expected it to be a bit of a struggle. Luckily it was all set to be done at a steady pace. I got to the end but felt quite tired by the end. That wasn’t very surprising.


It was raining when I left the sports centre. I mentally wrote off doing anything outside for the rest of the day. I hadn’t made a list; this is always a bit dangerous as I can be easily distracted by things that I don’t need. I managed to avoid buying too many unnecessary items.


I was determined to get the bathroom cleaned today, it only took three cups of tea and a lot of procrastination before I set to with the cream cleaner and bleach. It didn’t take too long to do and in the end and it looked clean and sparkly. I don’t want to use the bathroom now so that it says clean and tidy.


I settled into my usual rainy day activity of making bread. I’d bought some seeded bread flour and some Ciabatta bread flour earlier to keep me entertained. After a few hours, I had some loaves of bread and some bread rolls. I’m now looking forward to eating it all.


I have had a jar of tomato paste sitting in the fridge for a while so I decided that it was time to use it. The small spot of mould on the top didn’t put me off too much. I just skimmed it off and used it anyway. I added some olive that had also been in the fridge for a while. They didn’t have any mould.


It didn’t take long to iron a week’s worth of shirts and a couple of tee-shirts but I still resent doing it. At least I had pressed clothes by the end of the operation.


The evening slumped into listening to a podcast and drinking a whisky. The evening came to a close quite quickly


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