I woke up with that taste in my mouth again. I wasn’t too happy about this as it has all the hallmarks of a cold but without the coughing. I’ve just got over one bout of illness and now I’m struck down by another. I’m getting fed up with being ill and injured. I just want to get out and do things like swimming, running and cycling.


I made scrambled eggs on toast but couldn’t taste it.


My voice got weaker and weaker throughout the day until by last thing I was reduced to a whisper. This does not help when my job requires talking to people. I think I need a job where I can lock myself away in a back room and just get on with things.

Bullet head

Bullet head was at the station again today in his usual place and getting in the way of people who wanted to get on the train before. I overheard him talking to someone he knew, there is a mark on the platform where he stands, this marl coincides with where the door usually is when the train stops. He didn’t explain why he stood there getting in the way when other trains stopped with their doors in the same place.


This evenings meal was yet another salad as I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything. Chopped salad vegetables topped with avocado and mayonnaise. It was essentially tasteless to my palate but had a slimy texture. After tidying up a bit I was still hungry, I’d finished the FruChocs so the only thing left was frozen Victoria sponge that Mum had given me on Sunday.


My world came to an end on the sofa, I felt my eyes closing and dragged myself to bed. It was ridiculously early. I didn’t care


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