I woke up early in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I felt awful. I used many tissues to clear the green gunk from my nasal passages. I lay there in bed staring at the ceiling hoping to go back to sleep but it didn’t happen. Eventually I gave in and watched videos until the alarm went off.


After finding that my weight hadn’t changed since yesterday I wandered into the kitchen to sort out some breakfast. I wasn’t feeling adventurous so it was poached eggs again. It was getting near the end of the week, choices were limited.


All the bosses were out today doing something important somewhere else, this made everything seem more relaxed that normal. It didn’t last long until the gossiping and whining to start though. Little huddles formed and the complaints flowed freely. It was really quite amusing really.


I’ve not worked with him before but I have for the last few days. It didn’t take me long to get his measure. That’s why I’ve renamed him the precious little snowflake. He just complains but doesn’t have the presence of mind to actually do anything. In fact, though his complaining he had managed to set at least three people on wild goose chases by telling them slightly different stories. I’m sure people like that are made to create chaos, I don’t suffer them gladly.


I was intending to take advantage of no bosses by slipping off half an hour earlier but the train company ruined my plans by cancelling the train I intended to catch. I was not happy. My normal train was delayed too. I was not a happy bunny.


I had nothing planned for the evening. This was a good thing as all I was fit for was sitting on the sofa and mumbling about nothing to watch on the television.


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