Perfect Poached

I was coaching the late session today so I had time to make some breakfast. Yet again I had poached eggs. This time I managed to make them perfectly, a warm runny yoke and a firm white. Little successes like that make my day.


Today’s set was easy to coach; it was a case of standing on the side and letting everyone get on with it. It wasn’t the most satisfying of sets to coach.

Food shopping

I needed toilet roll, everything else was a secondary consideration. I had approximately three sheets left on the last roll which meant that the situation could become desperate at any moment. I’d written “Bog Rolls” at the top of the list in big letters to make sure I would not forget it. I realised that they weren’t in the trolley as I got to the checkout and had to run to the bog roll isle, leaving my trolley abandoned.


I got home to find I’d left the pan that I poached the eggs in on the heat. The water had boiled off and the pan looked menacingly hot.


I’d not planned to do much this afternoon and I managed to do it with style. The kitchen floor got cleaned but that was about all.


I made a blackberry and apple crumble for tea purely because I had all the ingredients at hand and the time and inclination to do it. It filled the kitchen with a wonderful smell and tasted wonderful.


I spent the rest of the evening sitting on the sofa feeling fat, I’d eaten far too much crumble.


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