Day off

Owning to the vacation rules where I work I have to take two days off before Christmas. Today and tomorrow are those days. I have no reason to take them off and the fact that I’ll still feeling awful means that I really should have them off as sick days but if I don’t take them off I wouldn’t have another opportunity.

Lie in

All good days off start with a lie in. It would have been much better if I hadn’t woken in a crescendo of coughing it would have been a lot better.


The scales revealed I was exactly the same weight as yesterday. When this happens, I get worried that the scales are lying to me. They are not but in my mind I’m used to my weight varying every day so when it stabilises I get worried. I had a shower, hoping that the steam would help me breath better and loosen all the gunk in my system. I followed the shower with a bacon omelette.


I spent the rest of the day light hours sitting on the sofa and drinking tea. It was a bit of a waste but I wasn’t that bothered. I needed to recover my health and sitting doing nothing is the way forward.


I had the time to make something hot but not the inclination. I had the same salad as yesterday because I bought enough salad vegetables for four days. I have two days of salad left.


I now no longer have any spirits left in my house. I may have to drink a medicinal beer tomorrow evening.


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