As I was not going to work today I had turned the alarm off, this would have been great if I’d not woken up at four in the morning and laid there coughing and not going back to sleep. I drifted back to sleep around daybreak only to be woken up by the alarm on my mobile telling me that it was time to leave the house for the train. I tried unsuccessfully to ignore it.


I stumbled my way into the kitchen via the bathroom. For reasons that I couldn’t understand I’d lost over half a kilo on yesterday’s weight. This was puzzling; I’d probably moved less yesterday that anytime in the past week yet I lose weight. It must have been the gallons of tea washing through my system that washed the weight away or just maybe it was a random fluctuation. I didn’t care and set about making poached eggs. They came out almost perfectly. This was a good start to the day


I spent the morning sitting on the sofa watching my computer do a very lengthy update. It was slightly more entertaining than watching daytime television


Eventually I managed to move from the sofa and back to the kitchen to make some soup. I’ve had a packet of mushroom soup hanging about for a long time. It needed dealing with, so I did. It was a shame that I’d not kept the instructions that would have told me exactly how much water to use. It was a bit thin


Next year I’m going to be making a bike out of bamboo, that is a present to myself, deposit paid.


I fished an emergency chilli con carne out of the freezer and had it with rice. I couldn’t face the prospect of another salad today. Hot food is the way to go.


I spent the rest of the evening on the sofa, I’m hoping that all this rest is helping me to get a bit healthier. I’m getting rather fed up with having a cold and not being able to do anything.


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