I had no intention of swimming this morning due to the coughing. This gave me an excellent excuse for a lie in but the coughing had another plan. I was awake before the alarm would have gone off. It felt so unfair. I rarely get an opportunity to stay in bed and when I do I like to take full advantage of it. I was annoyed that the coughing wouldn’t let me do that.


Eventually I got up and had a shower. It was only just light, I felt cheated of a lie in. At least my weight was moving in the right direction even though I was heavier than I was during the week.


It didn’t take me long to tidy the house and hoover the carpets. In fact, I was surprised at how quick it was to get everything clean. Once that was done I headed to the supermarket for the weekly food shop and to get some cough medicine. I wanted the sleep-inducing stuff that they kept behind the counter rather than the non-drowsy stuff that I could just pick off the shelves. I was obvious that a lot of people had coughs like mine as there were only a few bottles left and it was a type that I had never seen.

Death Ray

This afternoon I had an appointment with the death ray man. I have a few warts on my face and my brother had found a small clinic that could get rid of them quickly and easily. After signing the consent forms I was ushered into the room and placed on the chair. After a quick chat with the doctor to establish that I was fit, health and not on any medication he started work. First there was the anaesthetic. I don’t like needles being stuck into me, I doubt many people do. This doctors technique was to do it as quickly as possible. He stabbed the warts in quick succession and filled them with the stuff. They went numb quickly. Next, he placed a metal plate down my back and then he started with the main event. It felt like something was sucking the flesh away. The acrid smell of burning flesh filled my nostrils. It was unpleasant and reinforce the feeling that my flesh was being melted away. He finished up by sealing the wombs and coving my face in plasters. It looked like I’d be in a fight and lost. I was sent on my way with a tube of cream and instructions on how to care for my face. I’m glad I got it done but I’ll be happier when everything is healed.


I made myself an apple and blackberry crumble for my dinner. I felt that I needed something more than a salad to take my mind of the weeping wombs on my face. I was glad that I wasn’t going out this evening,


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