I actually slept through the night last night, I still woke up coughing but at least it felt like I was getting better. I wandered into the bath room and wondered about taking the plasters off. They felt wet underneath and that wasn’t a pleasant feeling. I decided that I need breakfast before I attempted to remove them. After scrambled eggs on toast and a few cups of tea I was back in front of the mirror. The thought of removing the plaster was more painful than actually removing the plaster. I washed my face and only looked slightly disfigured.


I’ve wanted to try track cycling for a very long time and today I got the chance. I joined a group going to Herne Hill velodrome, took the brakes off my fixie and headed to London. It was fantastic. I spent a happy few hours speeding round the track. It was a coached session so we were given lots of instructions to familiarise ourselves with the track and how everything works. The session ended with a team pursuit and Australian pursuit. I learnt a lot today, but mainly that my fixie is under geared for riding on the track. I can accelerate quickly but I spin out after two laps.


I had dinner at Mums this evening, who can resist the offer of a Sunday roast? She had prepared duck legs with roast potatoes, roast parsnip, leeks in white sauce, cabbage, peas and carrots. It was just what I needed after cycling around in circles. I made short work of the cheese and biscuits too.


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