The right side of my face feels swollen today. I know it swollen as I can see my cheek. I washed my face and applied cream but I still looked like a pox ridden peasant. I doubt anyone at work will notice but I’ll know that I have all these marks on my face. Hopefully they will heal up quickly and I won’t have to wear a hood in public.


I had absolutely no motivation today. The e-mail to cancel the project has not arrived yet but I know that it is on its way. This leave me in limbo as anything that I try to do will be rendered pointless. It all made for a long day of trying to look busy. I find that really exhausting

Bullet head

He was at the station today resolutely standing in his place two trains too early and generally getting in the way. I might get on the train at a different place on the platform so that I don’t have to see him annoying so many people.


I threw together a tuna salad tonight, I was feeling tired and uninspired so I didn’t put much imagination into it. I shouldn’t have followed it with a slice of crumble and a lump of cheese, but I did. Afterwards I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea feeling fat.


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