It was cold last night and that made me feel less like getting out of bed than ever. I could feel that the right-hand side of my face was swollen and I could see the top of my cheek. This was a bad thing. A glance in the mirror confirmed it, I was getting a black eye and my cheek was all puffy. Cosmetic surgery is not pretty! I stood on the scales and depressed myself even more.


I’d remembered to take a bread roll out of the freezer last night so it was poached eggs for breakfast. I rounded it off with another cup of tea and then stood on the stairs to do my stretching. I hope that it is doing some good, I still feel pain in my heel but not quite as much, of course I’ve not been running for a long while now and it’s that that causes the pain. I’m dreading and looking forward to starting running again. Once I stop coughing I’ll be good to go.


The platform at the station was full of people this morning, this can only mean that the train before mine was cancelled.


The e-mail hasn’t arrived yet so I have to pretend to be busy. I managed to do the square root of nothing today. It’s not easy and I hate doing it but it seems more than a little pointless to carry on regardless when I know it will all be for nothing.


Bullet head was wearing a bobble hat tonight, it really didn’t suit him. It didn’t stop him getting in the way though. I’ve now worked out that if I wander over and stand a little up the platform from him I can get on before him as people have to cross him to get to the exit. It’s petty but it pleases me.


There was still frost on the ground from this morning. It was going to be another cold night.


This evening was an admin evening and the first task was to catch up with the ironing that I so wonderfully avoided yesterday. After that and far too much to eat I occupied myself with trivia until bed time.


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