It was cold last night, I know that as the cat was curled up on the bed and as close to me as she could get. The right-hand side of my face still felt swollen and a glance in the mirror after my morning shower confirmed that I was still as ugly as ever. The scabs have started to form cornflake like edges, I’m hoping that this is a good thing.


I celebrated the fact that I’m slightly lighter with poached eggs. I’ve now run out of bread rolls so I’ll have to have something different tomorrow. I could spend all day deciding this important yet trivial detail.


It was a chilly walk to work and I could feel the cold though my trousers, they are far too thin to be wearing outside for any length of time. They are ideal for sitting down for most of the day and that is what I’ll be doing.


The number of people standing on the platform was back to normal today. The trains must have been running normally. I sat in a different section of the train today and I had obviously stumbled across a collection of regulars who knew each other. I tried to tune out of their conversation by listening to a podcast.


It has got very quiet at work. It feels like all my counterparts on the project have left. I’ve had a grand total of two e-mails this morning, normally I get many more than that. I’ve also had one meeting cancelled twice during the day. The fabled e-mail that was definitely going to be delivered today has not to my knowledge arrived so I’m still living in a zombie state in limbo land. I don’t want to initiate anything in case the project is cancelled but on the other hand I need to keep it ticking over in case it isn’t. It all makes for a frustrating time.


I got home to find a missed call on my phone, the e-mail will be delivered tomorrow. It’s going to be an interesting day as it’s not a cancellation, it’s an on hold. I predict fireworks.


There are times when I want something other than salad for tea. The problem is that all I have in the house is salad. This is why after dinner I ended up stuffing my face with buttered rice cakes and a banana. I need to do something about these attacks of the hungers


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