I woke up at the usual time with a slight headache and the cat pounding her paws on my bladder. Considering the number of beers I had last night I was surprised that I got off so lightly. No doubt it will catch up with me during the day. I made a bacon omelette and poured tea inside me in the hope of delaying the inevitable. I avoided the scales this morning as I can easily predict that I will be heavier than yesterday based purely on the volume of beer and nibbles I consumed last night. Sometimes it’s better not to know.


It was very quiet at work, it was the probably the effects of last night’s drinks


I gave up at four o’clock and went home. It was the combination of feeling tired and having absolutely nothing to do that drove me out of the office.


I must have fallen asleep on the train as the journey was very quick. I was sitting with my back to the engine, I normally don’t. At one point I wasn’t sure which direction the train was travelling. That’s how I knew I had been asleep


I had a nice hot shower when I got in. That perked me up a bit, enough for me to sort out the washing and do some tidying up before making dinner and settling onto the sofa in an evening stupor. Very little got done this evening.


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