I was coaching the early session this morning which meant I had to go the 20-minute bed to pool transition. Luckily for me there was no overnight frost last night so I wasn’t held up by scraping the ice off the car. I did mildly wonder what would happen if the car didn’t start, right up to the point when the car started


Normally, if I coach the early session the urge to swim the second session disappears. I think it’s related to the fact that I know what’s coming up. This morning’s set was fairly hideous as it involved using paddles, my shoulders object to using paddles. I’ve not been in the water for a while and I wanted to get back into the swing of the thing. I’ve planned a few things in the near future and I’m not feeling too confident about my fitness at the moment. When I mentioned my shoulder the coach handed me a smaller pair of paddles. That solved the problem.


I met two people that I know at the supermarket, that never normally happens


I few times a year the refuse collectors set up just round the corner to accept our accumulated rubbish. It’s something to do with living a long way from the council tip. I’d gathered up a small pile of things that needed throwing away over the last few months. They were making the garden look untidy so I was quite glad to get rid of it all. I even got rid of a table that had been making a slow march to the tip. They had travelled downstairs to the dining room and then later out to the garden. It was a cathartic experience throwing that away, I didn’t realise the amount of emotional baggage that table was supporting.


Getting rid of the rubbish prompted me into action to tidy up the garden, It was just sweeping up the leaves and moving the pots around but it took longer than I expected. I felt good looking at the results of my work even though pottering round the garden had uncovered a whole host of other little jobs that need to be done.


I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea, the tea went cold very quickly and I missed dusk.


I had an emergency chili con carne for tea but made an apple crumble to follow it. I had the hot apple crumble with crème fresh as I feel that it is so much better than having it with cream.


I spent the rest of the evening feeling full in front of the television watching a film that I’ve seen many times before. I’m sure that this film is on all the time at the moment as I’m sure it’s been on when I’ve not been watching over the last few weeks.


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