Cold water swimming

I went to the lido this morning for a dip. The air temperature was about 3 degrees and the water was about 10. There was frost on the ground but the sun was out and there was a clear sky which gave a false impression of a warm day. The water felt cold, really cold. I did my usual slipping in and splashing before racing off for the first 50 meters. I slow adjusted to the cold and then felt too comfortable which meant it was time to get out. Cold water fools me into thinking that I can stay in longer than I should


We went to the café for a cup of tea and breakfast. That’s when the shivering started. I knew it was going to be bad as I had had difficulty speaking after getting out of the pool. Drinking the tea was the hardest thing. I resorted to leaving the cup on the table and trying to sip from it. It wasn’t very successful. Eventually I warmed up and the shivers died down to an acceptable level.


Cold water swimming always makes me feel quite tired so I’d not planned to do anything too taxing in the afternoon. In fact, the most taxing thing I turned my hand to was to do the ironing. This was a good time to do the ironing as I didn’t feel that it was stealing time from something more interesting.


I had another emergency chili tonight as I have very little imagination and frozen meals in the deep freeze. I followed it with some cold apple crumble. It was almost an exact replica of last nights meal, except for the temperature of the apple crumble.


I faded into the evening right up to the point where it was pointless not to go to bed


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