I was 100 grams lighter than yesterday and the morning weigh in, I had also weighed myself in the middle of the night due to an excursion to the loo caused by drinking a cup of tea far too late. In the few hours between those weigh ins I had lost four hundred grams. I lose weight by sleeping! I did consider staying in bed a bit longer for the sake of losing weight but by the time the thought occurred to me I was already making scrambled eggs on toast.


There was yet another train strike today which meant I could catch a train half an hour earlier than normal of ten minutes later. Given that I’m lazy I went for the ten minutes later option. It was a little more crowded than normal but I still found a seat and settled down into my commuting stupor. At least I’d remembered my headphones so I could tune out the rest of the world.


The office seemed empty this morning, a lot of people had taken the working at home option to avoid the trains. I still have nothing to do and the lack of people only highlights the fact that I’m idling the day away. I hate this state of being, there are so many other things that I could be doing rather than pretending not to surf the internet.


I went for a stroll round the shopping centre at lunchtime, it’s a dire place. I remember it in its heydays when it was packed with people and shops. Now it feels like there are more empty units. It is almost as if the heart has been ripped out of the place. I spent a long while in the book shop. I nearly bought a book of maps of the metro transport systems of the world.


The high point of the afternoon was a call from the HR lady to tell me what happens at the end of my contract. She laid out the three options and was quite enthusiastic about me working at the head office. I’ve been through this before, HR ladies always sound enthusiastic, right up to the point they hand you your notice.


I passed the rest of the work day and the journey home listening to a podcast. I kept wondering how I could make one.

The Hungers

I had an attack of the hungers when I got in. A lump of cheese and some corn cakes smothered in butter kept them at bay. I hate it when I get the hungers as I feel I have no control.


I did a half hour on the bike trainer tonight, I kept it short as it was the first time for quite a while. I still felt a bit wobbly when I got off. I did feel better for it though.


After the shower, I had a tuna salad and followed that with the last of the apple crumble. I’ve probably over eaten again today. This is not a good thing as I’m already feeling a bit wobbly.


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