The thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen happened, I woke up with pain in my heel. My Achilles had objected to the short slow run I took last night and I was back to limping in the morning. The pain was a lot more intense that I remember and the heel was warm, all sure signs that I’d done something silly. The stretching I’d been doing obviously hadn’t helped the recovery as much as I thought.


Even though I’m now limping about I’m still the same weight as yesterday. This is a good thing. I celebrated with scrambled eggs on toast.


I attempted to go through my stretching regime. The first heel raise on the left leg was pain personified. It was at that moment that the reality of the situation hit me. I’m probably going to have to stop running for quite a while; this means that the 10k run I’ve entered in January, the half marathon in February and the Marathon in April are probably not going to happen. That realisation just added to the pain.


A toddler sat opposite to me today, he was intrigued by me tapping my fingers on the table and ended up offering me his drink bottle. It’s not often that I get offered a drink on the train.


I’ve forgotten to bring my lunch to work today, not only that I’ve managed to leave the house without the bag that contains my lunch, a rain coat, an umbrella, a book (un-started) and an umbrella. I always have this bag with me, I have no idea how I could have left it at home.


I took advantage of the complete lack of work at work by researching Achilles tendonitis. As far as I can work out it can be caused by a number of things including shoes, over training, running up hills and / or over pronating. The cures range from icing through to major surgery depending on which bit of the internet I’m referring to. It all looks pretty gruesome and all points to not running until the pain goes away. I think that I need to seek professional help, but that opens another can of worms as I’m not sure where I’m going to be in January and I’m disappearing to the other side of the world next week.


To relieve the boredom, I went for a stroll round town, via a store for a packet of popcorn to replace my missing lunch. I ended up wandering around a clothes store and buying some underpants, just for something to do. The cashier asked me if I wanted a bag, I didn’t. As wandered out I took the underpants from there packaging and stuffed them in my coat pockets. It didn’t dawn on me until I was a long way from the store that there was nothing to distinguish me from a shoplifter. I might get a bag next time.


I went out for a meal with a friend tonight. We went to a local pub that serves particularly good food, including chicken breast with black pudding. I like black pudding a lot. We spend the time complementing the food and putting the world to rights. This mainly concerned her floorboards and my work situation. It was good for the soul to have a chat.


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