I didn’t sleep very well last night so I didn’t feel on top of the world this morning. The poached eggs helped lift the tiredness.


I went to the club swim session this morning, It was an easy paced set with lots of drills, just what I needed. I rounded off the session with a cup of tea in the café and a chat with a few people I’d not seen for a while


I had a whole host of errand to run this morning, including getting stamps and a new pawer cable for my tablet computer. It’s amazing how long it all took.


I parked my car in the public car park and then took the short cut though the pub car park to get to the high street. Just as I got to the road a man with an armful of cleaning products challenged me. “are you parked in the pub car park?”, “no!” I replied, giving him the ‘why are you even asking me this question’ look. He apologised and wandered away. I’ve no idea what that was all about.


A long time ago I read that an adventure should always start with a haircut so I went to the barbers today. More practically I’m off to a warmer climate and chances are I’ll come back with a tan. If I get my hair cut when I come back, I’ll end up with a white line on my scalp. I doubt that anyone will notice but I would. The Barbers was unusually empty so I didn’t have to wait. I asked for a summer cut sat back in the chair and fell asleep. I woke up with shorter hair.

Death Ray

My brother was under the death ray again today, this time to have a cyst removed from his back. He asked me along to video the procedure. I found the whole thing fascinating. The doctor cut along the lump and then started pressing on both sides. When the cyst didn’t jump out he started to get a little flustered and started muttering things about it being deeper than he expected and being attached. After a bit of digging he started to remove lumps of gunge from the hole. I couldn’t get close enough to see exactly what was happening but the smell was enough to know that these weren’t nice things. After a few more bits had been removed the doctor was satisfied that it had all been removed and stitched up the cut. My brother looked relieved that it was all over, he thought that the aesthetic was wearing off.


We went to the pub a few doors away; my brother was looking a little uncomfortable and thought that a sit down would be better that driving straight home. We chatted for a while and at one point he did look a little glassy eyed.

Bow tie

I have two bow ties, I’ve worn them both once. I decided that tonight would be the second time out for one of them.


I went to the Triathlon club Christmas meal tonight, it was held in a local hotel. We had three tables of the nine or ten tables in the hall. The meal started with asparagus wrapped in ham on top of a cucumber and yogurt sauce. For some reason, there was a slab of melted cheese on top which I though spoilt the starter. For the main course, I had haddock on a bed of pureed parsnip, this came with a selection of vegetables and roast potatoes. There weren’t enough vegetables, I like me vegetables, well cooked vegetables complement and enhance the centerpiece of the plate. This is a concept that the hotel chef had never been introduced to. The veggies were over cooked and watery and they detracted from the already mediocre haddock. The meal finished with a strawberry something. I’d lost interest by then, as had the cook. If it wasn’t for the company, the food would have made for a dire evening.


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