The moon was so bright last night that it woke me up, I laid in bed for an hour not being able to get to sleep.


Unsurprisingly I felt tired when the alarm went off. I didn’t have any need to leap out of bed this morning as it was another working from home day. It was also officially my last day at this job, even if the work had dried up weeks ago.


I ventured onto the scales this morning and instantly regretted it. I was substantially heavier than last time. This was disappointing but not unexpected. I hadn’t been that active recently and the volume of food I’ve been eating hasn’t reduced.


I gave some semblance of working by sending a few e-mails but mainly I got on with important tasks like upgrading software and my German homework.


I popped round to my neighbours for a cup of tea and a chat. It was far more preferable that actually doing anything.


I had the last of the couscous salad for lunch. I was quite glad to see the last of it. I’m going to have to think of alternative lunches for next year.

Driving Permit

I went on a fruitless hunt for an international driving permit this afternoon. The post office website claimed that I could get them from my local post office, it lied. I couldn’t get one in the post office in town either. They suggested going to the big town, I couldn’t face that


I had another session on the bike trainer tonight prompted by the dreadful weigh in this morning. It was another short threshold set but I definitely felt a little wobbly when I got off. It must be doing me some good.


I had a rerun of last night’s dinner but instead of putting the potato on a plate I tried giving it cocktail sick legs. The theory was that the legs would hold it off the plate and avoid the hard patch. I successfully disproved the theory. As the potato got softer the legs got shorter, until it was sitting on the plate. I smothered it with tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise and that made it taste a lot better.


I finished off the evening with a few glasses of whisky in the hope that I won’t wake in the middle of the night.


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