One the day I didn’t need to get up I was awake and up at the normal time, I had a lot of fretting to do before the taxi arrived


I was ever so slightly lighter this morning and that was a good thing. There was nothing in the house to eat so breakfast was three cups of tea whilst I busyed myself turning things off and cleaning things away. I didn’t want to return to an grubby house


The taxi arrived and the usual drugtest took me to the airport. We chatted about his sons milk allergy. I suggested that he moved to Japan as they eat very little dairy there. He thought his son would probably object,


The queue for the check-in grew from large to massive in the twenty minutes it took for me to get to the front, I prefer leaving a lot of time for flights as I don’t want to start a holiday feeling rushed


Once air side I headed for the bar, I was on a mission, I needed breakfast and as I was on holiday and in an airport I wanted a lager. The traditional English certainly did the job and I felt no guilt ordering the second beer, it was 5 o’clock somewhere in the world and after this journey my body clock will be completely out of it,

Big white bird

It what seemed no time at all my flight was called. The plane was massive a d swallowed up the passengers easily. I’d been allocated an isle seat so I could stretch my legs, this was a good thing and made me happy, now all I had to sDo was sleep for the first leg of the flight


The man next to me felt ill. His wife mentioned that he had recently had heart surgery. He wanted to lie across the seats. I took a stroll around the aircraft for an hour or so whilst he recovered from his hot flush


We landed just before midnight local time. I’d had no sleep a and my body showed no signs of wanting any. We were emptied out of the plane and ushered through security.  


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