We had signed up for a swim but it was on the other side of town and had an early start. We had to get up early which after yesterday was a bit of an effort


The clouds had looked threatening and half an hour before the start the rain came down. Thick heavy rain. We sheltered in the car watching it beat against the windscreen. It was over as quickly as it started.


The swim went across the river, along the harbour side, under the bridge, across the river, back under the bridge and on to the end. No one mentioned the jellyfish though, in places the water was thick with them. They didn’t sting but the slimy feel of them made my skin crawl. In places I felt I could get up and walk on them. Despite the jellies it was a lovely swim, made even better by coming last in my age group. I took that as a sign of a relaxing swim.


After the post race warming up and presentations a group of us decided it was never too early for a beer and wandered over to the local pub. We all agreed it was a lovely pub in a great location, overlooking the harbour.


Back at home to jetlag hit me like a brick wrapped in a blanket. One moment I was a fully functioning human being the next I was a dribbling zombie in desperate need of sleep. 

Surf club

I woke an hour later feeling slightly more awake. A shower helped complete the transition back to human. We headed to the surf club for a beer. 


We had prawns and salad for tea. Big juicy prawns dipped in vinegar. This was proper food.


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