I’ve been feeling a bit bloated for the last few days. I put it down to my system being knocked sideways by the jetlag and twenty three hours of aircraft food. The scales confirmed that I was now heavier than I’ve ever. For a long time. This was not good news


We started the day with a swim. We met up with the usual group and walked to the far jetty as the current was running south. I’ve swim here many times but today it was different. The recent storms had deposited a lot of sediment making the usually crystal clear water murky. The late onset of summer made the water cooler as well. It was still good to be back in these waters gently swimming down the coast towards a hot shower.

Hot chocolate

There is no better way to warm up than sitting in the sun drinking hot chocolate. 


We’d arranged to meet friends for lunch at the surf club so once we were warm we wandered over and took our table. One couple brought the star of the moment, their six week old daughter. She was definitely the center of attention. Nearly everyone wanted to hold her.


The jet lag hit me on the way home. I slumped in the passenger seat and didn’t wake until we got home.


We rounded off the day with a stroll down the linear park. A few weeks before the dribble that we laughingly call the mighty river Torrens had actually become mighty due to the heavy rains. There were still odd bit of debris hanging about showing the extent of the flooding. It must have been impressive.


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