The needle on the scales is staying stubbornly high, or at least it would if they weren’t digital scales. I prefer scales with a needle as there is some lee way for interpretation. Digital scales are far too brutal rendering the result in cold hard unchangeable numbers. I don’t feel this way when they give me good news.


Love one had to have here hand manipulated today so I tagged along as I was curious about the treatment. The therapist made a few measurements, she compared them to last time and declared that there had been significant progress. She then delved into her selection of torture devices to find a new stretching device. It all looked very medieval. Had it been made out of cast iron and covered in spikes it could have taken pride of place in a horror movie


We had lunch in the central market with a few of loved ones friends we talked cycle touring and weddings over fish and chips and a glass or two of beer.


Haigs make the best chocolate in the state and possibly the country. We had a gift voucher that was itching to be used, not that I have ever needed an excuse to visit an establishment selling chocolate. We spent a happy few minutes being plied with free samples and selecting different types of chocolate bars. I tried to forget the effect it would have on my waistline.


We needed to open a bank account so we selected a bank with what I thought was the silliest name and went through the formalities, it was so much easier than I had expected. We didn’t quite finish the process as we had to be somewhere else. We promised to pop back.


My Achilles had been getting worse so loved one had booked me into a physio. There was good news and bad news. The good news was that it was probably not Achilles tendonitis. The bad news was that it may take a cortisone injection to sort it out. Just to add to the bad news she suggested that it was an utterly stupid idea to train for a spring marathon. On the plus side she identified the probable cause as a tight left calf muscle and gave me stretches to sort it out. The injection will have to wait until I get home.


We got back to the bank at closing time. I managed to slip in when the last customer left. The woman on the front desk didn’t notice. I could have help the place up but instead I stood in front of a surprised bank manager and completes to account opening process.


We joined the masters swim training session in an outdoor 50 meter pool. It’s always interesting to experience other styles of training set. I feel that i learnt a lot from the coach today as he was willing to explain how he put the set together. He also noticed that I had an open water swimming style and helpfully explained the difference between pool freestyle and open water freestyle. I lve these moments when I’m given a new insight into something so familiar.


The swim club were having a bar-b-que after the training session and I was invited. It was held in the park behind the pool. The park had public bar-b-ques, they were electric and I think they were coin operated too. 


The jetlag hit me a little later this evening. We were on the way home and I felt my eyelids sliding down and my blinks getting we entered the house I realised that I only had a few seconds of wakefulness left. I went straight to bed and was asleep almost instantly.


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