I’m yet another kilo heavier today and I have no idea why. Its not as if I ate excessively yesterday. I didn’t expect it to go down but to go up by so much was a real surprise. I decided to skip breakfast.


Mike picked me up in a battered old Ute. He told me that it was part of the assimilation of Australian culture process. We had a few errands to run.


We stopped at a cherry farm for morning tea and cake. I discussed the finer points of cream teas with the staff before settling into a hot chocolate and a cherry muffin whilst sitting in the sun.


We drove into the Adelaide hills so that I could get a sense of the tour down under route. I made a mental note to avoid cycling up some of these hills, especially the corkscrew.


After an adventurous encounter with a rugged track and broken bridge which we lost, we took a walk around the park at the top of the Torrens linear park. I felt I should have had a mad dog with me as it was very hot and mid day.


We had lunch at a pub that seemed to be a mix between a bar and a betting shop. It was inhabited by me of a certain age and stature. The chicken Schnitzel was good and I washed it down with a couple beers.


We went to the Adelaide Oval this evening to watch the twenty 20 cricket. It was similar to the cricket that I’m used to but completely and totally different. Fireworks and cheerleaders are not a feature of the game that I know. The game was close but in the end the Strikers lost. The crowd left silently.


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