The scales told me that I had lost a little flab since yesterday but my body wasn’t giving me the same message. I was definitely still feeling flabby around the middle and I feel  uncomfortable when I sit down. It’s not a nice feeling and because of it I’m starting to plan my getting back into shape diet. At the moment it consists of a lot of chicken and broccoli.


I drove my loved one to work this morning. Driving in a strange city in an unfamiliar car is always an interesting experience and this journey didn’t disappoint. At least I had someone in the car who knew where we were going. Later on I’ve got to do it on my own.


I think my bowels are rebelling against the change of routine this morning. I’ve spent far too much time in the small room sitting on the throne. It’s not pleasant.


I had a few things that needed quiet time to sort out. I’ve not been on my own for the last few days and it was quite a pleasure to just drift through the day without the company of others.


I took a stroll round the pioneers remembrance garden this afternoon. It was a lovely memorial to the first german settlers. 


I was sure that I could remember the way so I didn’t. Other with the sat nav. That’s how I ended up in a builders yard. Eventually I found the right place but the journey took a lot longer that it should have taken.


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