​Lie in

Love one was not working today so we could enjoy staying in bed after six in the morning. We made sure that we took full advantage of the situation by sleeping until well past seven. We even had a celebratory cup of tea in bed. The decadence of it all

Work show

They call going out for drinks a “show” here. I find this very confusing. Loved one had a work show at lunch time. I would have called it something different, maybe a party. I escorted her to the restaurant, drank a very nice brown beer and then left her to her own devices whilst I wandered round town.


After a lot of wandering and a few ill advised purchases to feed my soft toy addiction I started to feel a little peckish. I found a food court and aimlessly wandered around the stalls. Nothing inspired me. Eventually I walked into a bakery and asked the man behind the counter to inspire me. He suggested their meat pie. It was a good recommendation it was one of the best meat pies I’ve had for a very long time. I almost went back for another.


Loved one and I decided to try and break the bank at the casino. It was just next door to her work show. We decided on the pokies as neither of us knew how to play any of the other games. I really couldn’t work out what was going on. I’d put a coin in, press the play button and then things would happen on the screen. Most of the time it would end but sometimes lights would flash. I just kept pressing the play button until the money ran out. I couldn’t see the appeal,


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