​Lie in

I like a good lie in and today’s tea had epic proportions. It was almost a teenager lie in. It was glorious.


We went to see friends this morning. Their little one had been asking if I was going to visit, I have no idea why, I treat children with the sustain they deserve. I normally get one of two reactions: tears or undevoted attention. This one went for the adoration. We had to leave as we had lives to save.


The beach was nearly deserted because of the rain, the surf rescue still had to be there. I wandered around the square and left the patrol to do what they do. I was only a guest and really didn’t want to get in the way.


I kidnapped a dog and went for a walk down the beach. Initially I thought that I would go as far as the mighty river Torrens. It didn’t take too long to get there so I forded the river and carried on. The rain wasn’t too heavy and it was warm so there was no reason to turn back. We carried on past the surf club where I sometimes the waves and got wet. It took a few minutes for me to remember I had a phone in my pocket. I moved it go a dryer pocket and hoped it still worked. I turned round at the harbour and took the path along the front back to the surf club. I didn’t fancy getting soaked again. What I hadn’t realised was the I was already soaked from the rain. When I got back I wished I’d brought a spare set of clothes.


The championship round the corner did deep fried squid and due to the lack of custom they had to freshly prepare it. It tasted so good. I couldn’t say the same for the chips as they had covered them in “chicken salt”. It added a flavour that I really didn’t expect or need,


I was half way through the chips when someone spotted a dolphin close to the shore. The chips took second place to getting changed and leaping into the water. The dolphin was by the jetty by the time I got into the water. I followed it the best I could, dolphins are much better swimmers than me. Every now and again I would catch a glimpse of a fun or tail tantalizingly close. I kept following until the dolphin was too far away. It didn’t dawn on me until I made my way out of the water that if a dolphin could get this close other less friendly waterlife could as well.


After finishing my chips I needed a swim. I decided that I needed to swim round the jetty for a change and despite the warnings of sea monsters and other creatures. I like the idea of swimming round things. I had to keep a fair distance  from the hefty as the fishermen had lines and pots in the water. I had no desire to get tangled up with angry fisherman. I didn’t see any fish or crabs so either they were avoiding me or there were very optimistic people at the end of the lines.

Polo shirt

My clothes were still damp from the walk in the rain. Loved one lent me a polo shirt. I hate polo shirts, they are the bastard offspring of shirts and tee shirts. Loved one knows my opinion and took great delight in my plight of having to wear one that was many sizes too small.


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