I was woken last night by the pounding of rain on the roof. The rain was lashing down and beating on a every surface. It was accompanied by strong winds that had the desire to move anything that wasn’t fixed. The back lawn had become a pond and water was pouring off every surface. None of this stopped me going back to sleep.


I woke to the radio alarm telling me how bad the storm was last night. Various districts had power outages and there was debris blocking roads. The phrase “since records began” was used a lot as was the irony of having the hottest day a few days ago.


It was unlikely that the race was going to go ahead but we headed to the start anyway. We got there after negotiating the scattered debris and non functioning lights at intersections to find a huddle of like-minded swimmers staring out to sea. The sea was choppy with the waves being pushed by a strong wind. The surf rescue team were gamely putting out the buoys but the general consensus was not optimistic. The race was abandoned at eight thirty. The final nail was the environmental agency warning of pollution due to the opening of the locks on the nearby rivers. No one was too upset.


We went to a local cafe for a consolation breakfast. I had eggs Benedict whilst loved one had boiled eggs with toasted brie soldiers. We all wondered how the brie was going to be toasted. They sandwiched the warm brie between toast. It was sensational. I was jealous of loved ones choice even though the eggs Benedict was just as good.


We stopped at a bakery on the was down to Port Elliot. It was packed with people selecting things from the wonderful display of baked goods. We left with an iced yeast bun.


Our a confiscation for the next few days looked out on horseshoe bay. The view over the water to the granite island was so nice that I had to sit and watch it all afternoon. The view was enhanced with the addition of a locally brewed wheat beer.


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