We joined the 10 o’clock group for a swim in Horseshoe Bay. We started by swimming to the point accompanied by some paddlers on boards. Half way across I felt something around my neck. At first I thought it was seaweed but then I realised that one of the straps of my goggles had come undone. That was when they started to fill with water. I was glad I could call over a board and sort the problem out. From the point we headed to the seaward side of the rocks. The sea started wobbling about outside of the shelter of the bay like real sea should. This was proper sea swimming. Below me in the crystal clear water fish were playing in the weed. These were proper sized fish of many different shapes and sizes. From the island we headed back to the jetty to finish the best swim we had had so far.


We had be recommended the honey log at the bakery and as we were passing it seemed rude not to try one. As it was nearly lunchtime I bought a steak and bacon pie as well. The pie was excellent but the honey log was even better. The combination of sweet bun, crunchy honey and cream melded together in my mouth and filled it with flavour.


All the rushing about ans late nights of the last few days caught up with us. We needed an early night. I thing I was asleep within minutes of touching the sheets.


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