I did covered this morning that my loved one snored. Usually she wakes before me so I never hear her but this morning I was woken by a loud rumbling noise that went on and on. It took a while to understand that it wasn’t  me. 


The combination of an overcast sky, potentially grimy water, many things to do and a vague hangover persuaded us that swimming wasn’t really an option. We decided over the second cup of tea to do something far less healthy.


Normally the thought of fried food in a bun from a fast food chain for breakfast turns my stomach but today was different. I started the day with an egg mcmuffin. I felt slightly dirty but strangely satisfied after that.


Other is something about the monotony of tidying up that is good for a carbohydrate and fat fueled vaguely hungover body. The ability to do it slowly and without any real effort is probably the key.


We stopped at a little town about an hour into our drive down the coast and walked round a disappointing indoor market before strolling over to the bakery. They had a limited range of pies but the all sounded good. We settled on the chicken curry pie. It was bliss in pastry. It made the rest of the drive to the farm fly by.


We bar-b-qued a large snapper for dinner and ate it on The porch whilst sharing the world get slowly darker. The whole thing was helped with beer and conversation with friends. I like evenings like that.


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