We had bacon and eggs off the bar-b-que this morning. It was glorious and accompanied with sausage, toast, tomatoes and many cups of tea. It was an excellent way the start the day.


I spent the whole morning sitting on the porch watching the world go by and chatting. Doing nothing is an art and like any art should be practised frequently.


Lunch time rolled round and with it came a selection of cold meats and salad. It was followed by fruit salad. I was truly in paradise.


The eating and inactivity took its toll and I felt sleep coming on. There was nothing for it, I had to lie down in a darkened room for an hour.


We took a stroll with the sheep into the top paddock and over to the dam. It was the only way to justify the sitting around and eating. We strolled up the rough track ans admired the views across the valley and put to sea. This place is absolutely wonderful.


We had a meal of home killed lamb with potatoes and salad. Both the lamb and the potatoes have been cooked on the BBQ, I’ve never really got my head round cooking on a bbq due to meat being low on my list of favorite things, the concept of cooking potatoes on a bbq just confused me. We followed it with Christmas pudding ice cream which had it’s fair share of brandy in it. It was a shame that we would have to return to civilisation soon as this was feeling much better than that.


 we drove home with dusk and watch the kangaroos gather the fields beside the road. I found this really strange I’m not used to kangaroos on my used to rabbits. They both bounce but I imagine buying a kangaroo is a completely different proposition to hitting a kangaroo.


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