We are having a small get together today and this means that there are things to be done. Chairs need to be arranged and food assembled. We have opted for the path of least resistance with the food by getting as much of the food as possible prepared by the supermarket. This was a good move as we got up a bit late


There is always a moment in any get together between the stated start time sand the time when the first guest arrives. It’s a little tense and full of doubt. There is the niggling feeling that no one will turn up. The first guests arrived very close to the start time and kept the worrying to a minimum


When in doubt hand food around, I find this is the best way to handle groups of people. It gives me an excuse to be there and a reason to move on.


Within seconds of the last guest leaving I was lying down. I find things like this exhausting and need to lie in a darkened room for a while after to recover. It didn’t take long to fall asleep but waking at dusk was an odd feeling


Things needed to be put away, rearranged, disposed of and generally cleaned. It wasn’t a job we wanted to do but the longer it was left the more of a burden it would become. It was all finished by bedtime but it did look like we would be living on party nibbles for a few days.


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