The plane arrived in Dubai in the morning, or at the dead of night or late in the evening, I’ve no idea which. Time zones do terrible things when travelling. The airport clocks said one thing, my watch another. My body was confused but not enough to find it’s way to the gate for the next departure and work its way through a packet of fruchocs that I’d packed in my bag for emergencies.


We boarded by groups but this didn’t stop people hovering by the gate waiting for their group to be called and generally getting in the way of people who were boarding. I settled down in a seat and waited. I was too tired to contemplate hovering or even thinking clearly. I did enjoy walking past their hoverers though. It reminded me of bullet head at the railway station.

Take off

I settled into my seat, plugged in my own headphones, selected a film and waited for take off. The next thing I knew it was an hour later, we were in the air and the breakfast was coming down the aisle. The pilot managed take off without me being conscious.


This was my second non descript breakfast of the day but at least I’d mastered the art of aircraft meal management. Normally I mange to throw at least some of the excessive packaging onto the floor, but not this time. I kept it all within the confines of the tray. No mean feat when faced with limited space and a mountain of packaging.


Pride becomes before a fall and the fall came at lunch. I hadn’t mastered the tray meal management technique. This became very clear when I dropped the half opened beer over the person next to me.


My cat was very glad to see me. She attached herself to my leg and didn’t leave ford the rest of the day.


The reality bit fairly quickly. Twenty-four hours before I’d been in a warm vibrant country with my loved one doing fun things. Now I was in a cold dark country without my loved one with only the prospect of commuting in the dark and work. I knew where I would rather be.


The world ended at five o’clock. My eyelids had been doing the long blink thing for about half an hour and I had to admit defeat and give up. I settled into bed and the cat settled onto the bed. Sleep was instantaneous.


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