I was awake before the alarm and it was still dark. The recent rapid transition from Summer to Winter was quite a shock. I had no desire to get out of bed but the fact that it was the first day in a new role forced me to be a little energetic.


After finding that I was the same weight as yesterday I prepared some poached eggs on toast to keep me going till lunchtime. I was also hoping that this counted as a high protein meal, the bread may have negated that.


I had forgotten the pain of the commute to the head office. I’d taken the back way as I felt that a Monday morning on the motorway would be more painful. It was all fine until I reached the edge of town. Then the combination of schools and work conspired to make the last few miles take a very long time. I arrived just in time and then found that my pass wouldn’t let me in. I felt that the dead fox I saw at the side of the road may have been an omen.


I set about the first day activities of making sure that everything worked and trying to find out what I was expected to do. On the whole, this was reasonably successful and culminated in a meeting with someone who wasn’t quite my boss to play the credibility game. It starts with the phrase “tell me about your experience”. My cause was helped no end by a stream of people saying hello.


I ran out of things to do by lunchtime. I tried hanging around the cafeteria for as long as possible before going back to my desk to put on the charade of being busy. This wasn’t helping the lurking tiredness.


I tried to slip out early as I had very little to do and it seemed pointless me being there however my laptop had different ideas and decided that it was the ideal time to apply updates. I think a managed to put a curse on nearly everyone who had something to do with creating an operating system that stops me from going home.


I knew I was truly back as I had to do the ironing. I decided that I should do it the moment I got in or else it would never be done. I don’t enjoy the ironing but I’m happy when it’s finished


I couldn’t be bothered to prepare anything so I just ate the chicken leg that was sitting in the fridge. I could have had it with a salad but that would have been far too much effort.


An hour later the need for chocolate overwhelmed me, it was triggered by the opened packet of Haig’s chocolate hiding in the back of the cupboard. I noticed it when I was making a cup of tea an then it started talking to me. I didn’t need it but after an hour I wanted it. It was devoured in minutes.


The tiredness came over me a little later tonight, this was a good thing, but it did mean that I went to be ridiculously early. Again, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


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