The problem with going to bed early is that I tend to wake during the night. I woke at two to see a bright moon filling the house with light and a contented cat curled up on the duvet. I woke at four when a not so contented cat decided she needed some attention. I woke at five when the water heater started and finally I got up at six when the alarm went off. I still felt tired but it was jet lag tired rather than lack of sleep tired.


I wasn’t expecting any change in my weight today due to the chocolate nemesis of yesterday evening but the scales told a different story. I’d waylaid half a kilo somewhere. This was a good thing and hopefully a sign of a quick return to equilibrium to come.


The drive to work was only slightly less hideous than yesterday’s effort. It was all plain sailing until I hit the edge of town. It wasn’t as crowded as yesterday but that only saved a few minutes.


I’ve decided to keep a log of my journey times. I’m going to use the moment I step out of the door to the moment I enter work as the metric. That should give me a fairly accurate measue of the total journey time. I’m sure this sort of information will be useful for something, if only for passing idle moments analysing it.


We had a staff communication meeting today, it was lots of people stuffed into a room watching people talk at PowerPoint presentations. I felt this was an ideal scenario for spreading coughs, I tried not breathing but that was no viable for an hour.


I had intended to swim at lunch time but due to a delayed meeting I had to abandon the idea. I hate waiting for people to turn up to meetings and ruining my plans.


In an attempt to defeat the jetlag and to do something about my enhanced middle I got on the bike trainer for a half hour peddle. It was uncomfortable, there was a lump where a lump shouldn’t be and it was banging against my legs as I slowly built up the cadence. I completed the session but didn’t feel happy about it. There was a long way to go before I’ll be back to where I want to be.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to eat or not, in the end I decided that I should even though the urge to have something wasn’t really there. I settled on a chicken salad with no dressing, mainly because that was all I had or didn’t have depending on how you look at it.


I was determined to go to be at something approaching a normal time, which for me is somewhere around ten o’clock. I made it to nine thirty before wandering into the bathroom but the overwhelming feeling of tiredness made cleaning my teeth a herculean task.


I vaguely remember getting into bed, I was probably asleep.


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