Although I’d not set the alarm I still woke at six. I resolutely stayed in bed for another hour until the natural urges forced me to the bathroom. On the way out I stepped onto the scales and found that I had lost absolutely no weigh what so ever since last week. This discovery didn’t fill me full of joy, I was hoping for a few hundred grams at least.


As I didn’t have poached eggs yesterday I had them today. I may have to think of something else to do with eggs for next week just for a bit of variety.


I decided that I needed to make some soup, I had a couple of chicken carcasses that needed using so I started by making some chicken stock. I always feel that it is a waste to throw away a chicken carcass so I nearly always end up making stock. It also gave me a good excuse to be very sloppy with the carving as I know any meat left on the carcass will be put to good use. Once I was satisfied with the stock I strained it to remove the bones, but made sure that I kept the meat. It had a slight citrus taste as I’d left the lemon in. Then I threw in some onions, carrots and broccoli and boiled the whole thing for a while. Finally, I blended to whole lot together for a very thick chicken and vegetable soup. I had to have a few spoonful’s just to check that it tasted good enough, it did.


After lunch I went to the lido with Cate for a bracing swim in cold water. I have been spoilt over the last few weeks by swimming in warm water so lowering into eleven-degree water was a bit of a shock to the system. I sprinted the first fifty meters in an attempt to warm up, after that I settled into my normal rhythm until the water started to feel like treacle. That was the sign to get out and get changed. I managed to get all my clothes on in the ten minutes before the shivers hit. Once they started there was no stopping them. We wandered home via a coffee shop for a warming hot chocolate and blueberry muffin.


I went to Mum and Dad’s for dinner tonight, Mum had prepared roast pork (with crackling) accompanied by roast potatoes, roast parsnip, roast beetroot, broccoli, peas and Brussel sprouts. We followed that with cheese and biscuits. The swimming earlier had worked up an appetite so I had no problems in devouring all of that and more.


Later in the evening whilst attempting to watch television the tiredness crept over me. I may never know how he program ended.


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