I woke up feeling full and decided there and then that breakfast was not going to be on the agenda this morning. The feeling was reinforced by standing on the scales and finding that I was even heavier. The thought of having lunch started to fade as well. I may be involuntarily starting my own version of the five two diet.


Loved one is ill, I don’t like that as I’m so far away and unable to offer comfort, support or tea. This makes me sad, we plan to be together this year but I want it to be now.


The traffic was heavy on the way to work this morning, It always seems to be heaviest on a Monday. I wasn’t in any particular hurry so I wasn’t that bothered by the constant stop start. Quite a few around me were and spent time swapping lanes and trying to gain an advantage. They were still close when I left the throng so I’m not convinced that all the extra effort they put into it paid off


I’d brought my swimming stuff to work and I had the time to go swimming but it was raining at lunch time and I find walking from the pool in the rain uncomfortable, miserable and mainly damp. I don’t relish being damp for the afternoon. The weather forecast is showing sun for the next few days so I’ll continue bringing my stuff in.


I’ve just realised that an event I’ve entered is on a Saturday and not a Sunday as I thought. The problem is that I’m already doing something on that Saturday. I’m not happy about that.


I got home in the fastest time this evening, it was just over an hour. I celebrated with a cup of tea before starting on the myriad of things that have to be done on a Monday evening.


I’d made a list of all the things that I needed to do this evening and I slowly worked through it. I should have written “eat something” on the list as I got to nine o’clock and realised that I’d not. I’d half thought about doing the 5:2 diet and today it seems as if I have inadvertently started.


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