I was fully expecting my weight to be up a little today purely because I’d eaten very little on Monday and my normal amount yesterday. It stands to reason that the filling up process would lead to a little extra being on board. I was surprised when the scales told me that I was three hundred grams lighter this morning. I put it down to dehydration from the cycling last night and had an extra cup of tea with my poached eggs.


I’m never sure how far to let the tank run down before I visit a petrol station. The choice is made harder with the range indicator on the dashboard. It was showing that I had enough fuel to get to work and back with a little to spare. This gave me to confidence to think I would fill up on the way home but not enough to stop worrying about whether I would make it back to the petrol station near home. I feel that the journey home will be a little more stressful that normal, especially when the fuel low light comes on.


The pool was delightfully empty at lunch time and so I decided that this would be an ideal time for a threshold set. I did a little warm up and then set about doing intervals to the beep of my metronome. The first few went well, as they always do. I stopped for a quick chat with the other person in the lane after the third. He had swum a mile and he was, in his words, making the total up to eighty lengths by fiddling around and chasing me up and down the pool. I started to go a little out of shape on the fourth interval and the fifth went a little pear shaped. I finished off the session with some very slow lengths. I got out feeling suitably pleased with the session. I only have a limited time in the pool and I like to feel that I’ve made the best of it.


The fuel light came on 10 miles from home and 9 miles from the local petrol station. This justified all the hurried calculations this morning to work out if I could get home on the fuel in the tank. I filled up but mistook the litres for pounds on the pump. The man at the till sarcastically corrected me. I noticed that he had been reading a magazine about the tanks of world war two but didn’t mention it as he might engage me in conversation. I’ve made that mistake before.


I was on the rollers tonight. I find them much more fun than the turbo trainer as I can throw the bike around a little more. Tonight’s session was meant to be an easy one but it didn’t turn out that way. I tried to keep a constant cadence throughout but it was heavy going near the end.


I followed the bike session with a shower and a chicken salad. Tonight, I smothered the salad in mayonnaise, I felt that I had earnt it. I followed the salad with a lump of cheese because I could. Amazingly I was still within my daily calorie limit. I went to bed happy.


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