I decided yesterday that I would eat very little again today. So breakfast disappeared from the morning equation. I realised that making and eating breakfast takes up a large portion of my morning, so instead of feeling hungry I stayed in be a little longer. My daily visit to the scales showed a slight increase but nothing worth worrying about. I did feel thirsty this morning but that was soon cured with another cup of tea.


Nearly all of my colleagues were talking about this morning’s spectacular sunrise. From this I can deduce that they all live to the west of work and were driving east. I didn’t see it.


The pool was delightfully empty again today. I had a whole lane to myself for the first few minutes and then shared it with one person for the rest of the time. The power of the new year’s resolution swimmer’s resolutions must have faded. I spent a lovely half hour alternately doing drills and swimming lengths. It was so much better than work.


We had an e-mail today to announce that the head of department was leaving with immediate effect. There had be rumours for weeks so it wasn’t a big surprise however the reaction from some people was a little strange. It was almost as if someone close had died.


I got home and settled into a session on the bike trainer, I felt a bit lethargic to start with but that feeling soon went as I started warming up. I had an episode of a television program running on the lap top to keep me amused as I peddled furiously. I felt quite good after this session but I knew that I wouldn’t be doing the same tomorrow, three days in a row is enough.


I avoided eating anything for dinner but that didn’t make the hungers go away. It wasn’t a sharp hunger pang it was more a nagging back of the mind feeling that I had missed something. I kept it at bay with numerous cups of tea and a Lettice leaf.


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