I struggled to get out of bed this morning. My feet were as warm as toast and the thought of taking the thick socks off and facing the icy world didn’t appeal. Neither did the thought of having to scrape the ice from the windscreen of my car. I reached poolside with seconds to spare and found that I was the first there. I usually bank on someone else being there before me so that I don’t have to write the set on the board. It had been so long that my marker pen had dried up. Luckily the other coach arrived so I could steal her pen.


I never feel like swimming a set once I have coached it and this one was no different. There were enough coaches for the next session so I reluctantly got changed and got into the water. Today’s torture involved the use of t-shirts and pull buoys to add resistance. I started to feel the effort about a third of the way through the set and was glad when it came to an end.

Car Wash

I dropped into the car wash on the way home. They can do a much better job than I ever would. They clean the car inside and out in about ten minutes. Today all the staff were wrapped up and sliding about as the whole place was slick with ice, I didn’t envy them their jobs. There is only one fault with the service, I have to wait whilst they do it. I would much prefer top hand them my car go and do something else and then get back to find it’s clean. I don’t suppose that will ever be an option.


Floors needed to be cleaned and clothes needed to be ironed. The ironing only happened as I had to wait a long time for the floors to dry but at least the ironing is out of the way for another week.


My mop broke. It’s not really a mop it’s a foam squeegee thing on the end of a long pole. I bought it because I couldn’t find a mop. I would have preferred a mop as they last a lot longer and don’t need the head replacing with a big lump of plastic every now and again. The metal pole that goes through the shaft and connects to the plastic lump had rusted through. A first I thought the pole needed tightening but after a few seconds the whole assembly became two parts. Luckily I’d almost finished mopping the floors so I didn’t need to rush out and get an emergency mop. I have time to select a proper map. This means I have the opportunity to right a past wrong and buy a real map.


I roasted a chicken for dinner in an attempt to increase the protein in my diet. I had it with stir fry vegetables doused in sweet chilli sauce. It was very tasty but I felt that I needed more.


I finished the day with a glass of whisky. I believe that a proper measure should cover the ice cubes and I had a few of these. I slept well


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