I had two slices of bread left so I made poached eggs on toast for breakfast. There is now no bread in the house so the push for a higher protein breakfast will be based on losing the bread rather than increasing the egg. It’s all about percentages and removing calories.


It was very cold outside, a little below freezing, but it was a clear and brilliant day. I’d arranged to go to the Lido this morning for a little swim and Tom turned up on time so I felt obliged to go. The water looked very tempting but the frozen ground and icicles didn’t. I got changed slowly and then realised that I’d left my goggles at home. The man in the shop lent me a pair and took away my last excuse to not get in the water. The water, at 10 degrees, felt slightly warmer than usual. I think this was an illusion brought about by the air temperature. I went through my usual routine of splashing water and whining before setting off. Once I started I was glad that I’d made the effort. I got out after about 25 minutes as Tom needed to be somewhere else. Tom was already out and had hit the shivers. He is much less well insulated that me and he was suffering after doing just a handful of lengths. Sometimes I forget quite how acclimatised to this water I am. We returned home in an overheated car whist the shivers slowly diminished


I had my chicken and broccoli soup for lunch, it was thick, hot and tasty, the three main attributes I need for soup. I followed in with a nap, it seemed the natural thing to do.


I managed to block the loo with my Sunday poo. I needed a big stick to beat it down and make things flow again. I found this rather disturbing.

The Thing

“The Thing” has a part two, the part two is described in a long and boring document. I tried to read the document but ran out of time. I feel that “the thing” is about to dominate my life again. I made a mental note to cancel my plans for tomorrow night and set aside some time to understand “The Thing:2”.


I went to Mums for dinner. She had prepared roast chicken with roast potatoes, roast parsnip, roast beetroot, peas, broad beans and Brussel sprouts. We followed this with the usual cheese and biscuits. I decided that diets are not possible on Sunday evenings and had second helpings


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